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Is advertising really free of charge? Are there any hidden charges not connected with advertisement publication?
Any services on are really free of charge, without any hidden charges. Every advertiser with the created account can save free of charge an optional number of advertisements, incl. photographs.

Why are two types of user's accounts available on
Both user's accounts offer absolutely identical functionality. The difference is only in the form of listing contacts. The account for motor shows and used car shops provides extra information concerning opening time and refers to the Internet presentation.

Why cannot I find an advertiser's e-mail address?
E-mail address is not given for each advertisement explicitly in order to avoid its possible misuse of spam distribution. After clicking on send-the-seller-an-e-mail reference at an appropriate advertisement an e-mail form is displayed that is sent directly to the advertiser's e-mailbox.

I cannot save photograph No. 7 to the advertisement.
7 photographs can be saved in total to the advertisement. One introductory + 6 others (marked as photograph No. 1 to 6). After saving the last photograph the form for a new photograph selection disappears. If the number of the saved photographs is decreased by deleting at least one of them, it is possible to continue saving the photographs.

I cannot delete the introductory photograph.
The introductory photograph can be deleted only in the case that no more photograph is enclosed to the advertisement.

Saving the photographs takes a long time.
Time which saving the photograph takes is directly proportional to the speed of your connection to the Internet network and the size of the photograph being saved. For instance. if your photograph size is 2 MB and you use slow Dial-Up or GPRS connection, saving will take about 4 minutes. In this case we recommend reducing the photographs to suitable resolution (optimally 640*480) and only after that saving them.

Is it possible to save the photograph in BMP format?
No, JPEG (files *.jpeg or *.jpg) and PNG (files *.png) pictures are supported. Maximum size of one photograph being saved is 3 MB.

Is it possible that the advertisement I have saved disappeared?
Your advertisement has been probably deleted, because it broke the rules of server, with which every user has to agree in registration.

I deleted my account by mistake, is it possible to restore the data?
If you confirmed account delete, all data saved has been irretrievably lost. Its recovery is impossible.

Is it possible to save somehow the advertisement to my computer?
It is possible to generate PDF that contains all advertisement data. This document is optimized for printing, but it also contains active Internet references to both advertisement and advertiser. Therefore it is suitable even for saving to your computer.

What is the recommended browser?
Server is not optimized for any dedicated Internet browser, however, we mention Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher and Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and higher as recommended browsers.

I lost the password to my account. Is it possible to re-send it?
For security reasons it is not possible to send the password at request. It is only possible to generate a new password that you have to confirm by the code from your e-mail address.

May I set the currency, in which price will be displayed with the result of my search?
Yes, it will be sufficient if you select required currency when searching in the field "Price up to" (or "Price from"). If you do not enter any amount before the selected currency, search will not be based on the price, you just change the currency in the list. However, we call your attention to the fact that conversion from EUR can be inaccurate due to a different exchange rate.

I have saved in total 100 advertisements, others have failed to be saved.
Standard advertisement limit is set to maximum 100 advertisements saved simultaneously by one user. If this limit is insufficient, it is possible to increase it, as necessary. If you reach advertisement limit, the form for increase of advertisement limit will be offered to you automatically when saving further information. Having received this form, the administrator will increase advertisement limit according to your requirement and you can continue saving advertisements.

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